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Administrative Block

Administrative Buildings


Office of the SIPRD
Gandhi Bhawan:

i) Administrative-cum-Faculty Building
ii) Office Building
iii) Computer Centre (for conducting training of 50 heads)
iv) Conference Hall (for 60 heads)
v) Composite Training Centre (composite building to accommodate 18 persons with a provision of a training hall and an auditorium for 60 heads and a dining hall.
vi) Hostel-1- accommodates 48 heads in double-seated rooms with attached bath with a common dining hall.
vii) Hostel-2 – accommodates 28 heads in single seated rooms with attached bath & with a provision of common dining room.
viii) Guest House – accommodates 12 guests in 7 guest rooms.
ix) Faculty Quarters – provides accommodation of 6 flats for faculty members.
x) Staff Quarter – provides 10 flats.
xi) Library
xii) Book Depository Building – stores published materials of the institute.
xiii) Two storied go-down cum office building – to accommodate seating arrangements for the faculty members on the first floor and provides space for store at the ground floor as well.
xiv) School sanitation: Model school sanitation toilet block was constructed with the funding of UNICEF.
xv) A PMGSY Lab has been started at Hostel 1 temporarily. It will be shifted to the proposed Technology Center later.

The CCDU of Drinking Water Mission, the State Sanitation Cell and a Rural Engineering Cell are also located in this campus.



Benoy Bhawan:
Office of the SIPRD

i) Administrative-cum Faculty Building
ii) One classroom can accommodate 30 persons.
iii) One Auditorium has accommodation for 65 persons.
iv) Hostel can accommodate 56 persons.
v) Book Depository Building over the existing single storied garage.

  Composite Building
Office of the SIPRD
The Composite Building erstwhile assembly Hall/Auditorium Building has been renovated. The arrangement has been made for building additional floors to accommodate a couple of composite training infrastructure. The building now offers a fully air conditioned 18 rooms with a spacious Training Hall and an excellent Auditorium. One class-room has been provided. All of the 18 rooms in the first and second floors are two bedded and self-contained.

The vertically extended Auditorium Building now serves as a self-contained venue for organizing trainings/seminars/workshops etc.

Establishment building




  Faculty building
Office of the SIPRD
There are two three-storeyed twin unit buildings comprising six flats  each to accommodate the members of the faculty  have been constructed in the Gandhi Bhavan Campus of the Institute.
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