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Location Map

SIPRD Location Map
How to reach at – SIPRD

The SIPRD, Kalyani, West Bengal is about 55 KM north to Kolkata (Sealdah Railway Station).

The nearest Railway Station of the Institute is ‘Kalyani Simanta’ (Terminal Station). (SIPRD/No.2 market is very near to Kalyani Simanta Railway Station - 6/7 minutes walk. Approximate distance from SIPRD to Kalyani Simanta is about 800 MT).

The nearest Bus Stop of Gandhi Bhavan Campus is ‘Kalyani Market. No.2’.

The nearest Bus Stop of Benoy Bhavan Campus is ‘No.14 Bus, Kalyani.

From Sealdah Railway Station (Kolkata):
One can avail local train from Sealdah Railway Station (Kalyani Simanta Local from Sealdah North Station) for Kalyani Simanta. There are plenty of local trains from Sealdah Railway Station(Ranaghat Local, Krishnanagar Local, Santipur Local or Gede Local) for reaching Kalyani Main Station, which is nearly 6 KM from SIPRD. The distance from SIPRD, Gandhi Bhavan Campus to SIPRD, Benoy Bhavan Campus is about 2.50 KM.

From Howrah Railway Station:
There are plenty of Taxi/Bus Services from Howrah Station to reach Sealdah Railway Station. It takes 15-20 minutes by bus or Taxi from Howrah to Sealdah. There is another way to reach SIPRD, Kalyani directly from Howrah Railway Station. One can avail local Bandel bound (Main line) train from Howrah to reach Bandel Railway Station. From Bandel Railway Station one can avail local Mini Bus Service (Bandel-Kalyani Gayespur Bus service) to reach SIPRD Kalyani or Kalyani Market No.2 Bus stop.

From Dum Dum Airport (NSCB International Airport):
There are plenty of Kalyani bound ‘Kalyani Express Buses’ (Kalyani-Esplanade Express) near Airport No.1 Gate to reach SIPRD, Kalyani Bus stop – Market No.2 at Kalyani). The approximate distance from SIPRD to Dum Dum Airport is about 52 KM.

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